J-TV - Fire TV Stick

J-TV - Fire TV Stick

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*Purchase of Fire Stick ($59.99) requires a monthly subscription to properly run your TV shows. Your first month's subscription ($14.99 value) is FREE!

新登場 - 人気のFire TV StickWi-FiCPUがさらにパワフルに。音声認識リモコン付属で見たいコンテンツにすぐアクセス


さらにプライム会員なら、プライム・ビデオが追加費用なしで見放題。映画、ドラマ、アニメ、お笑い・バラエティ番組など充実のコンテンツ。また、Prime Musicで数百万曲が聴き放題





What is a custom J-TV Fire stick?
The J-TV Fire Stick is a standard Amazon Fire TV stick with some software upgrades. It includes access to the DataClear Cloud.

Why do I need the DataClear Cloud?
You need the DataClear Cloud to access Japanese TV and Movies.

Is this FREE TV?
No, most, if not all FREE TV systems are illegal. To get content on the J-TV Amazon TV stick, you will need a valid Japanese Amazon account, with a valid Japanese credit card.

What about Netflix and Hulu, is that free?
No, you will need to acquire personal accounts for Netflix and Hulu.

Can I use my USA Netflix account?
The USA Netflix account will work and show Japanese content on the J-TV with the DataClear Cloud.

Can I use my USA Hulu account for Japanese TV?
No, Hulu USA and Hulu Japan are separately owned companies. You will need a Japanese Hulu account.

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